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About Our Program

The Wayne PAL Wolfpack AAU Basketball Program is dedicated to teaching the life lessons players learn through the game of basketball and preparing young student athletes for their next level of play, whether that be for middle school, high school or college.  Our experienced and dedicated coaching staff use practices and games to provide an intense focus on fundamentals, and to emphasize the lessons of integrity, work ethic, teamwork, leadership and loyalty.

Our program focuses on player development!  We focus our instruction on basketball fundamentals, along with strength, conditioning, speed and agility training.  Our program runs from March through June (through July for the 11th grade team for “live” recruiting events), along with a Fall season from September through November.  Each of our teams are given at least two practices each week throughout each season and participate in anywhere from 8 to 10 weekend tournaments in the Spring and 5 to 7 tournaments in the Fall.

The Wayne PAL Wolfpack AAU Basketball Program originated in 2001 as an extension of the Wayne PAL Boys Traveling Basketball Program. The program was founded by Jim Stone and Dan Halewicz, current Director of Administration & Finance at the Wayne PAL and current Assistant Coach for the William Paterson University Men’s Basketball Program (7th season).  Over the years, the Program has assembled a group of coaches and other professionals committed to enriching the lives of all our players. The coaching staff possesses extensive experience as both players and coaches, and each has enjoyed a great deal of success in those roles.

An intense focus on fundamentals is the hallmark of the Wolfpack Program. Wolfpack players are expected to master the mental aspects of the game, including the discipline to focus on the details of the individual and team fundamentals they are taught. The Program’s coaches have history and a reputation in the major AAU recruiting venues, and are committed to preparing their teams to perform on that stage. Players get exposure to college recruiters over a period of years, culminating in their 17U/11th Grade season. Playing in national venues throughout their Wolfpack experience, our players become well prepared to display their talents during the important spring and summer college evaluation periods. All of that said, for the Wolfpack, it is first and foremost about the basketball. A player’s self-discovery is paramount in the priorities of the coaches. The lessons in integrity, work ethic, teamwork, and leadership that are available in the game are transferable to all aspects of life outside the gym.

What we offer

Reasonable player fees ($600 Wayne Residents; $750 Non-Wayne Residents) – Includes everything except associated travel expenses

2 guaranteed, 2-hour practices every week at the Wayne PAL facility with 3 full-size, hardwood courts, 6 baskets per court and 3 shooting guns.

1 Reversible Uniform Set (Jersey and Shorts)





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