Scholarship Program

A number of decades ago, the trustees of the Wayne Police Athletic League had the forethought to initiate a program that would recognize selected individuals in a special manner.  The program, today better known as the Wayne PAL Scholarship Program, is one of the premier scholarships available to the students of Wayne Township schools.

Representatives of the Board of Trustees, both past and present, the Wayne Police Department, the Wayne Board of Education and Wayne business leaders annually review applications from students attending Wayne Valley High School, Wayne Hills High School and DePaul Catholic High School.  Each student, unidentified to the reviewers, is evaluated based on academic excellence, community service and involvement at the Wayne PAL.  Grade points are then assigned.  The four candidates with the highest accumulation of grade points are the recipients of the four Wayne PAL Scholarships.

Over the years the awards have been named to honor former members of the Wayne PAL who significantly contributed to the advancement of the organization and epitomized the qualities upon which the Wayne PAL was founded.

William Bolan, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Presented in the honor of William Bolan, Jr.  William Bolan, Jr. was a fine young man who was a very active member of the Wayne PAL.

Paul Mortensen Memorial Scholarship
Presented in the honor of Paul Mortensen, an individual who was instrumental in the formation of the scholarship program and the first chairman of the Scholarship Selection Committee.

Robert B. Albano Memorial Scholarship
Presented in the honor of Robert B. Albano, a young man who exemplified the traits fostered in the programs of the Wayne PAL.

Elaine C. Schoenfeld Memorial Scholarship
Presented in the honor of Elaine C. Schoenfeld, an elegant lady who realized the importance of what the PAL represents and the impact it has on the youth of Wayne.  In her quiet manner, she touched the lives of many of our children, sacrificing much and asking nothing in return.


2015 2016 2017
Anthony Cassera Brian Muller Nicholas Daly
Ronald Ankner Jared Millstein Amanda LaGuardia
Christopher McClurg Frank Petracco Sabrina Pontone

2013 2014
Daniel Feinberg Melissa Maskal Christina Fabiano
Matthew Greenfield Nicole ellis Danielle Csorney
Marni Millstein Jacqueline Cohen Brett Csorney
Jamie Pospishil Paul Cava Vincent Rigoglioso
2009 2010 2011
Casey Timorason Michael Maglio Andrew Fournier
Alyssa Fitzpatrick Rebecca Nemeh Andrew DeFilippis
Allison Becker Tim Divers Emily Spazante
Luke Rigoglioso Amrita Singh Louis Trentacost
2006 2007 2008
Adam Fitzpatrick Patrick Trentacost,Jr. Matthew Taylor
Christopher Bracco Charles Rigoglioso Elizabeth Matthews
David Harrison Michael Slevin Christopher Hirsch
Kristin Divers Christyn Scillieri Victor Trentacost
2003 2004 2005
James Hohnau Nicholas Mulvihill Brian Miller
Michael Golub Sean VanSchaften Anita Singh
Jason DeMarco Andrew Bucci James Scillieri
Cara Leonard John Wagner Mark Tufano
2000 2001 2002
Matthew Rubin Eric Chen Nina Tufano
Jennifer Shea Michael Chiang Paul Millar
Jennifer Hanenberg Brian Pickler Sonak Shah
Jill Friedman Allison Kerr Anthony Schlachter, Jr.
1997 1998 1999
Susan Skillman Lauren Kerr Frank Bucci
Marc LaVorgna Geoffrey Lester Dana DeGarcia
Kerri Webb Wade Stier Kristen DeMarco
Alyssa Hersh Steve Schneiderman Christopher Doheny
1994 1995 1996
Matthew Cuviello Keith Hanenberg Lauren Cooke
Michael Lauder Douglas Salmanowitz Robert Caridad
Jeremy Reiss Benjamin Pomeranc Jason Tirri
Joseph Vadakkekara David Vivino John Vivino
1991 1992 1993
Jonathan Cuviello Mark Lawrence Thomas Halleran
Brian Salmanowitz Jeffrey Lieberman Joe Bisz
Harris Frommer Renee Garrison Brian Katz
Jay Vesota Daniel Gassert James Tybur
1988 1989 1990
Kathleen Kerrigan David Gorab Ninad Shroff
Joseph Bailey Mike Epstein Evan Tomaskovic
Jeralyn Lawrence Chris Radzik Darren Wesley
Rory Lakind Tracey Aronson David Kartch
1985 1986 1987
Lawrence Kohn Jeffrey Warhaftig Paul Cooke
Kevin McDonald Michael Fuchs Mark Feldman
Thomas Rufo David Vladyka William Seugling
David Lawrence John Garrity Erick Ramoth
1982 1983 1984
George Thies Timothy Drost Kevin Rehberger
Stephen Danek William Acampora Theadore Pastor
Michael Garruto James Rutan Frances Cook
Darren McDonald Brian Smith Jean Scarperi
1979 1980 1981
Brenda Weinmann Kim Muller Robert Anderson
Tony Rufo Chris Ruegg Donna Cavallo
Victor Signorelli John Mikalonis Tim Hassett
John Hannigan Brian McDonald Richard Taub
1976 1977 1978
Kathy Capko William Spazante Bill Lucas
Dawn Decker Donn Zacune Cynthia Christiano
Ronald Schanz Donald Rogalski Robert Muller
Tim Collins  Glenn McDonald David Rogalski

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