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Flex Football – New And Innovative!

Flex Football is a new and innovative way to introduce your child to the great sport of football. Its basically FLAG football but it’s played with the kids wearing equipment.  You play 9 on 9 and use half the field. What a great way for the kids to get the feel of playing football but with NO TACKLING.

To be honest, there is still a lot of “fear” when it comes to participating in tackle football for the first time. Some adjustments our program has taken to assist with safety concerns include eliminating kickoffs for grades younger than 5th grade, having coaches get properly certified, and equipping our players with the only the best for injury prevention. This latest effort, from our viewpoint, is one of the best.

Flex Football is a perfect opportunity to introduce tackle football for the first time to youth players. Flag is great for an early introduction to the sport, however, their is still a big leap from flag to tackle. Flex Football helps in that transition.

Players begin to understand the fundamentals of tackle football like proper alignment and technique, while taking out the tackle part of the game. Having full equipment helps the players adjust to wearing it, and more importantly, adds an additional layer of protection for when there is contact.

9 – on – 9 format, with 4 backs & 5 linemen
Blocking is permitted
No Kickoffs


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